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Bluhduh waiting and other jobs

Well I have been waiting for a heap of bits for ages. I have got some mounting brackets for the foot pegs coming on the slowest boat from the states once these have come I can set up the rear brake master cylinder and brake pedal. This will almost compleate the rolling chassis, the fuel tank needs to have some brackets fabricated but it is aligned and all is looking good.

I am also waiting for a heap of yz parts, Four gears for a yz 450 gear box the dreaded 3rd and 5th. The yz's are renowned for not holding 5th gear once the dogs wear out. This is a rebuild that is due as soon as these gears turn up because this bike is for sale (Will be a good buy when its done)

Then there is my yz

I have the exact same problem with my yz 426 after a 500km trip in the desert no fifth gear Although there is a silver lining in every cloud I found an almost new wr 426 gear box on ebay for $112 with $35 shipping considering each gear is over hundred bucks here it also came with a heap of other bits counter balencers kick starter assy and a full shift drum and forks this was an awsome find. This yz has easily done 7000 km plus per year since I got it as a wreck in 2003 just a small list of the parts replaced over the years.
-two new heads
-one set of cases
-three new barrels
-two new rods
-pistons/rings (who knows)
-timing chain every 50 hours (who knows how many)
-one compleate crank
-all brearings (Twice)
-WR flywheel, stator and Vortex ignition

This is the fourth major rebuild I have done to this bike!!! some times feels like im flogging a dead horse but I love to ride her and she feels like an extension of me im so comfortable riding/racing her and will continue to do so untill it falls apart under me

So this time it gets new gear box and associated bits, rings a few bearings oh yeah and weld up the stripped sump plug.

So a bit of work ahead of me in the next week or two
so be paitent with the main project

Build it and you will ride

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