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Just came across your thread this morning when I was up early to start the Thanksgiving ritual of seemingly endless cooking. I'm struck by the similarities between the "Northern" and "Southern" parts of Appalachia-both stunningly beautiful and loaded with historical interest.

I'm thinking that our traditional way of dividing the country between North and South is artificial and rooted in political disputes that tend to obscure the similarities. Your thread has me thinking I should get up in that direction for a look around.

Oh, and no need to apologize for the "Eastern Mountains": they're as beautiful as those in the West, but in a completely different way.

Keep up the good work, and let's see some more pics.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Hey Russell Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well.

Thank you. You are right. I love our mountains. It has been my hope to let the whole world know in my thread how great and beautiful it is be from and live here. We do have it good, all season riding [depending on your geographic location N & S pun intended ], and as you said we have a different beauty from the mountains of the west. The Mountains of the East are no less majestic. You hit a major nail on the head. The political issues that once divided these mountains between North and South no longer exist in reality, except in the imagination of uninformed, or deceived. That was one of the things I was struck with as I read the placard of the "Mathias Homestead" monument is that we are "One Nation under God.... " no longer a divided people Ideologically, or politically. Come North my friend you are more than welcome, and I am so looking forward to coming down your way this summer, and ride the roads of the Carolina's, Tennessee .... ect. Cherhola Skyway, Moonshiners Run, Telico Planes ... Can't wait. There is a section of Northern PA I also want to ride this summer referred to at the Grand Canyon of the East.
Same invite to you I gave KiteSurfer when you come North message me and I will hook you up with some the best riding routes that your bike will stop and thank You !

Hope Today Was A Good One
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