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400cc law

Originally Posted by yamafitter
As stated in my first post if you are unlucky enough to get a buraucrat who knows the rules your life could become difficult. In the end we were able to get all the bikes through (even the 225 XT) but I don't know if any money passed hands since I was not directly involved.
Hey Bill!
This is Chicon.
Years before it was legal to import more than one vehicle. Everybody was legal to import a pick up truck, trailer and one or two bikes no mater the cc size.
Not anymore!
Now days, if you want to import your truck and ONE moto, the bike should be under 400 cc You can't import a car or truck and a bike over 400cc
That's the reason the guys at the customs are always confused, goverment change the laws every minute.
Anyway! If you are riding your bike and it is street legal, you can import it no matter the ccs
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