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Originally Posted by JUNAC
Hey guys,

Looks like my riding days are over. I'm ok, bike was totalled. Driving home from work yesterday, cars were stopped at intersection, I pulled up and stopped. Checked my mirror, too late. Rear ended by mini van, taken by Ambulance to hospital. Spent 6 hrs on back board and in a neck brace. EKG, X-Ray, and CT Scans all good. No broken bones. Protective gear torn up, helmet and shield banged up. I've had the pleasure of riding with Detroit, Southwestern, and GTA ADV Riders and will never forget the good times. Right now I'm counting my blessings.


Looks like the van tried to EAT you and the bike. Could have been way worse. You're a lucky guy. Everyone else is right, get a good lawyer NOW! And don't screw around. Document everything you do, how you feel, where it hurts, etc....Be pushy with the insurance company and anyone else involved. If you don't demand help, financial or otherwise,none will be given. It's been 2 & half years since mine and it's still not resolved.
Go buy some lottery tickets, you appear to be a lucky man.
If you get far enough away, you'll be on your way home.
Piss off, I'm in my Happy place.
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