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I didn't want to give up any of my storage space on an ADV bike, and the gear box itself was still too large even after some modifying. The gear box was proven and pretty compact. It survives on the 530, but I didn't want to change it in order to test it out on the 950. Part the durability testing on my part for the Christini System.

Moving it back it to that space I found I'd need to deal w/ the shock reservoir, preload adjuster and the rear collector. I run a 2-1 so I have some more room, but many love the sound of the Duals, so I kept working on it.
Looking at a 950 SE it seams there is "All the Room in the World", but an ADV is a bit more cramped. I guess building the harder version first was best as now the SE "should" be way easier. Plus I have plans for a custom subframe in the future and I didn't want to have to build 2 version.

But, that's just what I saw.

Originally Posted by DakarBlues

did you explore the possibility of a tandem sprocket instead of side by side?
It seems like there is some room behind the frame loop to put a dual sprocket coupled with a chain guide with rollers to keep the chain taut and drive the two sets of sprocket, and then it seems like it would be possible to install the clutch and gearbox where the toolbox is on a 950.
This would have the whole drive to the transfer inside the frame perimeter.

My $0.02

But you are the one doing the cutting/welding/sweating and experimenting though.

Maybe you have even explored that road?

Keep on the good work.
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