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So now it gets more interesting! I don't actually have a BMW factory manual, only a Haynes, and they don't get into it. But I have owned a lot of motorcycles with spokes, and a lot of bicycles with spokes, and I've messed with a few of them. My sense is that these "cross-lace" aluminum wheels require some sort of special knowledge.

I have considered building a fixture, dismantling the wheel, and going for a rebuild myself. It look like the first thing Woody's is going to do is take it completely apart. I can do that without damage I suspect, and that at least gives me the chance to polish the wheel before I ship it to them if I can't re-assemble it correctly...WTH.

Anybody got a scan of the BMW service manual pages where they eliminate the black magic? It would be great if someone could email that to me so I can assess the situation with more data. Snowbum doesn't even get into this one!
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