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We're in Mexico and we want to leave

Well not really, but we're down near San Christobal de las Casas right now but next month my grandmother turns 90. Being a good grandchild and tempted by the allure of christmas presents we're thinking about catching a flight from Mexico city to LAX spend a couple of weeks there and then head back.

Here's the hitch, are we going to run into any trouble because our bike is here in the country when we return back to the states? We'd only be gone for a couple of weeks and we'd still be well inside both our toursit visa (still 2.5 months left) and our vehicle permit/insurance (the same amount of time left).

Also do we have to re-pay to get a tourist visa again or can we exit and reenter with our current one? I know it's not expensive but it'd be nice to avoid the fee since we haven't used up our current visa yet.
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