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I see we flipped the next page:

Back to this pic:

In the above pic, you can see a scribe line in the RED. That's the top of the input shaft. I needed to put the gear box on a diet, so into the CNC it went.

I cut it down as thin as the guts would allow.

But with all these pesky frame rails in the way it was tough to eye ball how things would fit together and line up. I thought "I could always weld them back in if need be, right????"

So let's get rid of this....

It's easy to just grab the Sawzall and cut away, but you can make a mess of it real quick and set yourself further back. I still needed to machine some billet parts.

Back to the sketch pad and CAD to draw up a Gear box mount/ Frame support piece to weld in.

That done and tools in the CNC, I'm ready to make chips. I love the sound a CNC machine makes when removing metal in a controlled manner. I guess that's what drives me to do work on this stuff, even when people stop by and ask "What's that NOISE?", Then I show them the cut apart frame and go over my ideas. They look at me as if my Space Ship is parked out back.

So after a few hours of work I had the inside roughed out, waiting to finish up the Finish bore sizes for the bearings.

Flip is over and finish up the back. Taking lighter cuts so it doesn't fly out and hit me in the head.

In about 8-10hrs (Drawing sketch-CAD drawing-Program-Tool Set up-Pick up my Zeros-Prove out the program-First Prototype part) I end up with this steel part.
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