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640 Suspension question

Noob question- I picked up a '05 640 about a month ago and I got it in me today to set the rear sag. I'm kind of a light weight(bout 150lbs in my b-day suit) and have a limited inseam(31"), so I figured that softening up the spring might give me a little more purchase at stoplights. I think the stock spring is set up for someone around 175lbs. To make a long story short when I adjusted it to the recommended total sag (90mm +/- 15mm) I found that the rear ride height sag now exceeded the recommended limit. (recommended 15-20mm) I was at about double that. So what I did was kind of compromise, I decreased the total sag to about 80mm which left my rear ride height sag at around 30mm. I was wondering if all these settings are just guidelines or if I should concentrate on keeping one or the other within the suggested limits? I didn't get to test ride it after I changed the sag today because it was raining(lame excuse). Hopefully tommorow!
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