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Originally Posted by supershaft
...I do think tweaking the injection and calling it "hot rodding" is a bit misleading.

The results of fine tuning the mapping are going to be a smoother engine and maybe a bit more power via a better mixture.

IMO, hot rodding is about increasing the engine's volumetric efficiency through weight reduction...
No way, SS. A misleading title would be, "Making Your Crank Bigger" or "Stroking Your Crank" or something like that. 

Anyway, I came up with the title because that's what a performance mod is, hodrodding.

It isn't difficult to imagine that Volumetric Efficiency (VE) is of no, or even negative consequence, without matched fueling.

For example, filling in the gaps in fueling precision on a stock motor represents a greater performance increase than a header and silencer say. The total improvement to performance across the operating range of the motor (throttle angle and RPM), and over the operating states of the motor, exceeds the improvement of a header and silencer by several times.

p.s.: Regarding your other comment, I don't have any reference for VE improvements through weight reduction.


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