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OK - hopefully I can answer all of the questions;

Replica tanks: - No the subframe wont need reinforcement, ive carried more than 50kg of luggage and gear over 1000s of kms of hellish corrugations and its fine. I expect the unit itself to weigh around 2kg, obviously the fuel will add weight but thats the purpose of the tanks. Im expecting 20+ lt capacity, so 44+ integrated. Itll fit the 990's, but not with ABS as this is where the unit is housed. Sorry.... The 990S doesnt come with abs I think - I'll have to look at that..

Yes - I have the GPR system and its made to fit. KTM twins just had them on sale for around $870US I think - bargain. May still do. The centre tank "link" does require removal of the original X over, and the 2-1 wont fit. Maybe I should become a GPR dealer

Pillion pegs are in, no moulded handles, modified OEM units that will still support the luggage plate. Also by recessing the pillions I can fit my KTM luggage racks with a bit of modification (more on that later).

Bashie: - its a multipul CF/kevlar laminate thats vacuum infused. Holes in the front aid airflow around the battery/rectifier/some low headers. Being as wide as it is it deflects just about all of the crap from the front wheel, infact my boots stay super clean all the time, especially riding in the rain.

Did I mention I do a screen as well??? (incorporating a foil and front vent to reduce that fuc#@g turbulence)... more details soon.

Time frames: ATM im looking at having the mould for the bashie finished in Jan parts then as well and the tank im looking at late Feb (hopefully) given it'll be summer here, its hot, I like a beer and I get easily distracted.

Thanks for the interest guys, much appreciated. When I first saw the 950 Rallye bikes I wanted one, but given they were never made commercially I took the next logical approach. Learning more about their most famous rider Fabricio Meoni and the foundation he set up in Africa made me think of what a great guy he was and the great charity work that still continues today. Not comparing myself with FM but I liked the idea that he gave something back to the sport that he loved and thats why 5% of the proceeds of all parts I make I donate to the Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service - because all riders come off at sometime, Aust is a bloody big place and these guys and girls do a brilliant job looking after us no matter where we ride. So if you do end up with any of these parts - you'll be helping look after the RFDS as well.

Cheers Pete

I'll get back to the mould making now - another part for another bike, doh.
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