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Originally Posted by tagesk
I find that adjusting the valves to any given clearance isn't that hard.
Getting those pesky wires to pull equally, also as they are pulled upon, is not at all easy. If possible at all.

How will misalignment here influence the end result?
I guess the question is: More or less than today.

There is a technique I use when fussing with throttle cables that minimizes this variability.

When you adjust the throttle cable barrel adjusters make sure that the cable itself doesn't rotate, at all. Then run the bike for at least one thermal cycle. Then re-check the setting. As you repeat this, the amount of adjustment will diminish each time you make an adjustment.

And yes this technique almost seems like you need 3 arms, or at least 3 hands, but it is possible with just 2
You're sorta using a iterative loop approach to finding the sweet spot each time an adjustment is made.

Now what is happening is the outer jacket of the cable is re-orienting itself to it's neutral position, which in turn changes its effective length and thus the setting you're seeking. AND as the cable barrel adjuster lock nut is tightened, the barrel adjuster changes it's effective length. This can be partially compensated by keeping the lock nut partially tight during checking of the setting, BUT NOT WHEN THE CABLE BARREL IS ADJUSTED. If you adjust the barrel adjuster with the lock nut tightened down to tight it will add additional wear and add even more change to its length between the loose and tightened conditions.

And if this doesn't work then your cables are WAY worn out, and most probably the inner teflon jacket has shifted position. The labor intensive but low $$ solution is to check both ends of each cable in the whole cable assembly to see if the teflon jacket has shifted and is poking out at one end. If so then carefully cutting off the excess jacket is a quick solution.

The other solution is to replace the entire throttle cable assembly with an all new assembly. Which BMW suggests because the throttle cable is a wear item and should be serviced (replaced) regularly.

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