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Originally Posted by lpcassie
I was wondering if all these settings are just guidelines or if I should concentrate on keeping one or the other within the suggested limits?
i am going to disagree with ram1000 on this. i don't think they are just "guidelines".

the shock manual is pretty clear on this point. I don't have it in front of me right now but it doesnt sound like they are inferring its a range for optimal effects, MX or otherwise. To me it sounds like they are laying down the min/maximums.

It states fairly clearly that the operator is to change the spring if the sag doesnt fall within the stated parameters. I think that if you don't stay inside the guidelines you are likely unduly taxing the shock and decreasing its lifespan. At some point I bet the adjustment and operation would reach the possibility of catastrophic failure.

If in doubt contact a suspension tuning shop; don't trust a bunch of blow hards on the net. replacements are EXPENSIVE!
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