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Originally Posted by grimripper
I reckon it would be a criminality to add the extra . what, 2-6kgs to a lively bike like this.
Even if the COG is down low.

If your worried about it falling over in day to day usage then get a 'cameltoe' or make one yourself,.
That's all it needs.

I'm not pushing the 'brand' here.
Just that credit's due.

I've had the cameltoe stand in stuff that would make a nun get to her knees, and never a tipover.

Grass, sand, whateverthephuqever, it's not rocket science.
It's just surface area.

Others i ride with whom have 'standard' stands, can't believe the extra support given by just a few extra square inches that the 'TOE' affords.

People give it shit 'cause they can, here in Aus.
That's just our nature.

The tall poppy syndrome.
It's a good product, no if's or buts about it.

If you want a stand for maintenance reasons then use a milk crate.
If you could get a bash plate, an engine guard and a center stand all in one shot, I'd say it's more than well worth considering.
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