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Rally navigation towers...

Originally Posted by Pilbara
I seem to recall talking or hearing Annie talking about it during the Safari a couple of years ago. Don't recall the detail but I seem to remember her commenting to me at a check point or somewhere about how 'she was not used to it' and was said in some negative tone. I am sure SafariBerg will set the record straight here though.

I would see a high amount of steered inertia from all that equipment especially being so far from the turning axis.

Quote: SafariBerg; Yes in 2009 Safari we went with a smallish triple clamp mounted fairing and nav gear set up. While the riders Annie, David Schwarz & Andrew Coaker said it was ok they all felt it made the steering noticeably heavier

For 2010 Safari I asked the riders, Annie & David again as well as Ze Helio for their preferred set up, options being
  1. Dakar style fairing head stem mounted - like Mecasystem ones
  2. 2009 Safari small fairing again
  3. enduro lights with bar mounted nav gear - al la GHR
All 3 said they wanted light simple enduro style set up

This worked well, BUT again at the end of the event all 3 riders commented that they still felt it on the bars compared to the Dakar style stem mounted fairings they had all used a lot before.

So for 2011 Safari it will be a hybrid, reduced Mecasystem fairing mount bracket off the head stem with enduro light & mask plus nav gear = light simple cockpit to KISS and mounted off the frame not the steering

So far we have tried the 2 set ups above and the more traditional Dakar style, this is the Mecasystem nav mounts & fairing from their KTM530 kit which pretty much bolts on.

So I hink the hybrid will be a best of both worlds hopefully
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