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While we're on Husabergs

Hasse J (a Swedish mate of mine) took a few leaves out of SafariBergs playbook, and over the summer built this "rallye lite" FE570 using the MecaSystem fairing/nav' tower concept (from the EXC 530 kit).

Using the standard 8 litre Husa' tank, plus the 4 litre 70 degrees racing rear subframe tank, the bike is as slim and nimble as the original enduro bike... And Hasse reckons with the FI motor, those 12 liters will be good for 140 - 160 km's or there abouts.

With the cockpit mounted off the headtube; the weight is off the bars (it steers and turns lightly) and the fairing shields all the nav gear/electrics nicely. Just a bit stiffer in the springrate and bump up the damping on the forks a tad, to cope with the few extra kilo's up the front... and it's a pleasure to ride!

Having ridden it a few weeks back, the only thing I can say (personally) that is a bit of a drawback is the obscured vision forward in technical terrain... I nicknamed it the Blue Rhino. While you don't notice it so much at speed, in open terrain (looking up ahead), the high screen creates a bit of a "blind spot" when the going gets tight (or cresting dunes for example)... but hey... that pretty normal for a "fairing style" Dakar bike.

The above set-up would probably make for a very light and nimble nav- rally/enduro style race, like Sardinia or the Italian championship events.

For TUAREG 2011 we are going to build two similar FE450's using a small enduro mask/roadbook/ICO set up off the triple clamps and the garden variety Garmin GPS on the bars. By using the standard Husa' tank, and the 70 degree racing rear subfram tank (a' la' above), we have a lean/mean rallye (lite) machine. For the longer stages we have the option of throwing on the Safari/Aqualine rear side tank for the extra 10 liters (if needed), which on the 450 should be ample for up to about 250 km's. For anything more than that there is the possibility of also mounting the front auxilliary Safari/Aqualine tanks (as pictured on Annie/safariBergs bikes at top) which fit over the top of the radiators (where the plastic shrouds normallly go) and these would give ample fuel range on a DAKAR /FIM style rally (250 km minimum refuel distance) plus some safety margin.

Looks like there are going to be afew Husaberg Rally bikes around in the near future.


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