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Originally Posted by def
Hmmmmm.....couldn't we just bolt on a couple of these things and call it a day?
Can't argue with a well-adjusted carburetor. And, no doubt carburetors work better than the stock Motronic.

But, a well-tuned EFI system always works better than a carburetor.

The significant difference between the carb and the stock EFI is how they meter transient fuel. That is, the additional fuel that's added while the throttle is opening.

The second product we're working on performs that function, and then some. Remember on a carburetted car, you could blip the throttle enough times while at idle that you could stall the motor? This device can be adjusted to manipulate the Motronic's transient fuel function to such an extent.

The production model isn't gonna go that far of course, but the prototype I have here can.


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