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Originally Posted by Poolside

Remember on a carburetted car, you could blip the throttle enough times while at idle that you could stall the motor?
Throttle bliping...I'll leave that for H-D riders...

The savvy rider or racer (car or auto) knows that throttle bliping does nothing but make noise and wash down cylinder walls.

I was musing about camshafts recently...I miss those old 413 CI max wedge engines with their killer torque, able to slowly spin the rear slicks through their auto transmissions at the drags strip....with the air cleaner off, their carbs sprayed fuel all over at overlap was to TR6C with T&M #6/#9 grind cam combo would wet my legs with gasoline at an idle...same overlap...both valves open at the same time.

Those who fit pipes/mufflers to boxers in the hope of getting some exciting sounds are barking up the wrong pipe...install cams with some overlap and you'll get that nasty sound you seek....

....and, now back to your regularly scheduled boxer FI map..

I await yours and JJ's latest details regarding the boxer EFI changes.
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