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Hi Terence,

Yep - its specifically for the GPR (cos thats what I have and im selfish). The rhs curls up and around the lowest part of the header Y join protecting if from who knows - either way its protected. Im working on a quick release mount for the rear atm. I'll get some pics up when its done if you like
Cost - still working on that, but I'll pm you when its done.


Originally Posted by Terence FFM
Hi Pete;

From the pictures I could not tell if the Bash plate you have built is for the GPR single pipe or not. I looked through the last few pages of posts but if it was written, I overlooked it so sorry if I am asking you to repeat somthing you've already mentioned.

All the same, could you please let us know? Also some indication of price point so I can start softening up the Missus would be good.


PS) Great looking work, BTW!
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