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Codemonkee is right about the spring rate but i'll offer this feedback.

the fork and shock are the same as what i've been running on my 2008 KTM 450 for the last 3 years. the spring rates on the Berg don't match from the factory. the rear spring is the same as my 450 but the front spring on my 450 is a 4.6, not a 4.4 like the Berg. this is why when you read reviews everyone says that it feels "stink buggy" (which means like the front sits a little low or the back sits a little high).

i bought my FE390 from Genuine Dirt Racer Products in Wilkesboro, NC they do/did suspension/engine work for PG graphics KTM Team GNCC bikes for several years including the year David Knight won the GNCC title. i'm 180 lbs and heading back down to 170 lbs or less and they replaced the stock front spring with the 4.6 (suspension setup comes with purchase from GDR Products!). i've not gotten to ride it enough to get a good feel for the bike yet but it does feel balanced front to back from my initial impression, not "stink buggy" like the reviews i've read.

GDR also price matches if you can find a better deal

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I am considering one of the two, so by any chance, anyone here know what rider weight the 2011 FE390 or 450 are sprung for from the factory? I weigh 154 lbs without gear and am wondering if the stock F/R suspension would need to be redone.

Thanks in advance
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