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I'm with bo and meat mixed together .

The best thing you can do is play with your suspension settings to find out what's BEST FOR YOU. I say start at the recommended/factory settings. Adjust your static & race sag. Take note of those settings and then go ride your favorite trail & street.

Start making changes to the settings and see if that helps or hurts how the ride goes. But, like re-jetting, try to make only one change at a time.

Eventually you'll find the setting(s) you like best.

Personally, I have mine all set in a compromise. I almost always have side panniers on while on the street, but everything comes off if I'm going to riding in some tight trails. To prevent me from having to readjust the rear shock every time I drop the luggage, I measured sag both loaded and 'naked'. Set it for the middle. I'm happy with the way it works.

I little psi change in the tires & a few clicks up front and it runs/handles just fine for my desert riding conditions. When the day is over and I'm riding home via the highway, the psi gets returned & the clickers are set back to 'street'.

No hassle.
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