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Originally Posted by caponerd View Post
Shaft, you're really taking an unpopular stand here.

Personally, I tend to agree with you about the fuel milage thing though.
When I first got my 1982 R100RT, everyone told me to expect 50 mpg with it.

I had the bike gone through by Steve Prokop in Oregon right after I bought it (turned a $2500 bike that I bought for $3000 into a $5500 bike that was only worth $3000!)
It's never returned much better than 40 mpg, and that didn't become commonplace until I installed an RS fairing for summer riding. I don't baby the bike, and I think 75 mph is a fair average speed when I'm on the road with it. If anyone claims 55 mpg (or maybe even 50) for one of these, I'd have to assume they really aren't tracking their milage very well.
I got in the habit many years ago of recording all fuel purchases/odometer readings because I was doing a lot of driving for work and I needed to keep good records. This became enough of a habit that I keep a record of fuel purchases for all my motorcycles.
It makes a huge difference to have an ongoing record. Just noting odometer reading and fuel amounts isn't sufficient because no matter how careful you are, the tank's not always going to be filled exactly the same, and the readouts on many gas pumps are often inconsistent, in spite of DOT rules and certification of pumps.
I experience the same thing with fuel mileage you have w/ yours until I change the "needle jets" not the needles my fuel milege increase form the mid to high 30's to low 40's around town to mid to high 40's on the highway. Ron
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