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WARPED VII - The Seven Deadly Sins of WARPED!!


The Seventh Annual Western Adventure Rider Party and Endurance Drinking Event is ON!!

April 22 through 24, 2011

Once again Mountain & River Adventures is hosting this event.

15775 Sierra Way
Kernville, CA 93238

They are located just outside Kernville, north along Sierra Way:

MRA's web site is here:

This year we have again reserved the entire campground for Friday and Saturday nights.
There are also sites reserved for Thursday night.

A link to last year's Activities WARPED VI

Saturday night the WARPED reserved area is closed to all non participating people. There is no flexibility on this subject. Friends are welcome to stop by during the day say “Hi” or to connect with participants for a ride. Long term hanging out is frowned upon and may result in being introduced to Team Doom.

Thursday night camping $15
Friday night camping $15
Saturday night camping $15 and meal $25 = $40
The total for camping Thurs, Fri & Sat and Sat Meal = $70.00
The total for camping Fri & Sat and Sat Meal= $55.00
These costs are per person.

Tent spots are mostly first come first served. Those with RV's, toy haulers, etc. let us know what you are bringing so we can coordinate spots for ease of entrance and exit.

We have submitted the t-shirt order so it's too late to get one this year. Sorry.

It would be helpful if you were to pay for camping-meals-shirts all at once.


We will collect the money in one of two ways.

Check: made out to “D. Scott Barber” (PM me for the address)

Paypal: (It will say you paid "Duncan Barber." That's me.)

If you use Pay Pal, please remember that they take a few dollars (3%) for processing. I would appreciate it if you could please add a couple of dollars to cover that cost.

Please identify your payment with (1) your AdvRider handle, (2) your legal name, (3) which nights you will be camping, (4) whether you want the Saturday dinner (you do), (5) what size t-shirt(s) you want and (6) whether you want long or short sleeve t-shirt(s). This will help me with the making of the name tags. If both names are not included it is a good chance that we will make one up for you and we will not be nice.

Saturday dinner will be served at 6:30pm(ish)

(Likely) Menu for Saturday night:
Chips and cut vegetables
Tri-tip / Chicken
Lemonade, water and coffee

For the Vegetarians in the group a non-meat meal is also available.

As for your breakfast or lunch and Friday night needs there are local restaurants within a few miles. The Kern River Brewery is across the street from the James Market and serves some pretty good food.

We will have use of the dinning area until 10pm Sat night.
After the feeding frenzy, there will be a Schwag Raffle and

we have something special planned for this year to commemorate The Seven Deadly Sins of WARPED!!


We are hoping to get some good schwag for this year's raffle. Last year’s raffle was great and we’d like this year’s to be even better!! We'd prefer stuff that is not bike-specific. Gift certificates, clothing, etc. are all good. If you know a Vendor here on ADV or in the real world and can get us an "in" or get them to donate something that would be awesome.

If you're able to donate SCHWAG to the cause please PM me or email please put "SCHWAG" in the subject line so all donations will get the proper recognition they deserve.

BurnsMoto - Service, Innovation, Passion All kinds of electrical goodies for bikes.
  • 2 USB Weatherproof USB Chargers
Atomic Moto - $200 gift certificate for anything in his store.
  • Brian has the best customer service and sells quality gear including Klim.
Seat Concepts - TWO of their kits. The winners can chose from any of their kits.
  • Check out their website at Lendon and Robert will be at WARPED and will draw the winners' names.
Giant Loop - They have donated one of their awesome Fandango Tank Bags. LINKY Adventure MotoStuff - They are donating $100 worth of gift certificates to their site which has tons of really cool stuff. Klim USA - Klim has donted a $500 gift certificate for anything they sell. They have also donated a Klim hat for everyone in attendance at WARPED. Thanks Mark! Cyclesmiths, the offical cycle shop of WARPED, has donated a Giegerrig 700 hydration system. It's like a Camel Bak but pressurized so you can spray water from the nozzle! It retails for $110. Here's a LINK to some info about the hydration pack.
  • Make sure you stop by Cyclesmiths and let then know you appreciate their offer of service to all of us at WARPED. 760-350-9700

Sheep Skin Seat Pads (http://ALASKALEATHER.COM)
  • Sheep skin for your ass, what more do you need to know.....

We will have WARPED VII pint glasses available through TravelToad. They are unbreakable silicone pint glasses which will have the WARPED VII two-color logo on them! The mugs are $9 each (retail is $14) and just add them to your payment to me. If you're already "IN" and want a mug, just send me $9 via PayPal and let me know the money's for a mug or two! This is what the mugs look like:

LOCAL SHOP: A local shop has stepped up and will be available both during and after hours to provide parts and or help to any of the event attendees over the weekend. As you know many small shops are closed Sundays. These guys are not only going to stay open but they are in Kernville and will deliver parts to the campground if needed.
Be sure to drop in and say Hi.

The Cyclesmiths
11417 Kernville Road
Kernville, CA 93238

2.5 miles south of the campground, near the intersection of Sierra Way and Kernville Road.

Shop Phone: 760-350-9700
Emergency After-Hours: 760-793-5582


Beer details will be figured out once I get things organized with the Beer-Meister, but there will be beer both Friday and Saturday nights.

Riding Information

If you’re wondering about the great riding in the area, check out the Ride Reports from the previous WARPED trips. There is great riding for every skill level and both dirt and road. One of our map masters has copied some maps of some of the rides in the area for some of you who are new to the area.


I will need some help running this event, people to assist with signing people in, people to assist with organizing shit, etc. If you’d like to help, shoot me a PM or an email. In return, you’ll get my undying gratitude and a warm fuzzy feeling in the cockles of your heart!


When you arrive go to site #19 and check in before setting up camp so as to not cause confusion with our plans for RV's or groups that are planning on spooning.

When I receive your money, you will go on the list. PLEASE make sure I got your details correct. If I didn't and you don't correct it, you get what's on the list. You will not be on the list until I receive your money.

YetiGS T/F/S/D - (2) XL ss, 2G
DSM8 T/F/S/D - XL ss, XL ls, 4G
rider914 T/F/S/D - XL ss, XXL ls, 2G
DaFoole T/F/S/D - (2) XXXL ls, 4G
RAZR T/F/S - XL ss, 3G
Rad F/S/D
Ben Carufel T/F/S/D - M ss, 1G
richard cabesa S/D - XL ss, 1G
Gerg T/F/S/D - XXL ss, 1G
Pierce F/S/D - XL ls (10), 2G
joefromsf T/F/S/D - 1G
cosmojoe F/S/D - XXL ss
2old2race T/F/S/D - L ls
VFR T/F/S - L ss
Alon F/S/D
KTAmi F/S/D - XL ss
DannyG F/S/D/ - XL ss
Alon Tripi F/S/D
Windrat T/F/S/D
"over" the hillhopper F/S/D - 2G (20)
Trout T/F/S/D - L ls
CA Stu T/F/S/D - XXL ss
dzrtracin F/S - XL ss, 2G
dunerat T/F/S/D - XXL ls
dunerat's better half T/F/S/D
JStory T/F/S/D - XXL ss, XXL ls, 4G
ADV Fool T/F/S/D - XXL ss, 2G
sopascat T/F/S/D - M ss, M ls, 2G
unravels T/F/S/D - XL ls
Burnszilla F/S/D - XL ls (30)
Computorless T/F/S/D - Xl ls
pcvance F/S/D - XL ls
Bikerdaves T/F/S/D - XL ss
GoinPostal T/F/S/D - XXL ls, 2G
farrington300 T/F/S/D
conestogaman - T/F/S - XL ss, 5G
N2ative T/F/S - L ss
GillaFunk T/F/S/D - XL ls, 2G
itsatdm T/F/S/D, 1G
C-Dub T/F/S/D - XL ss (40)
L-Dub T/F/S/D
Wombat Boy T/F/S/D
MrOrtega F/S/D - XXL ls
MsBianca T/F/S/D - M ls
longtallsally T/F/S/D - XXXL ls
luv2race F/S/D - XXL ss
Captain Huggie T/F/S/D - XL ls
ownst1100 F/S
Kenny M. T/F/S/D - XL ls
TheRackman F/S/D (50)
Lonestar2112 T/F/S/D - XXL ss, 1G
AceRph F/S/D - XL ls
Honey F/S/D - M ls
FYYFF F/S/D - M ss, 1G
h8chains F/S/D - L ls
Muddydonut T/F/S - XL ls
Mike Butt S/D
eatpasta F/S/D - XL ss
Sideforce F/S/D - 1G
focallength T/F/S/D (60)
Spuds S/D
Muddywife T/F/S
BillP T/F/S/D - XL ls, 1G
Slaniac T/F/S/D - XL ss
Fudgypup T/F/S/D - XXL ss, 1G
KLRbach S/D - XXL ss, 1G
scorpion F/S/D - XL ss, L ls
mxbundy S/D - L ss, 1G
x400racer S/D - XXL ss, 1G
Eggroll F/S/D (70)
TrplBiscuit T/F/S/D - S ss
bmwdon75 F/S/D - XL ss, XXL ls, 2G
loner F/S/D - L ss(2)
Pointman T/F/S/D - 1G
RSC E F/S/D - XXL ss
Ducata Kev F/S/D - XL ls
MX Pete F/S/D - L ls
ramjet T/F/S/D - L ss, 1G
amotostuff F/S/D
Chaos F/S/D (80)
Super Suz T/F/S/D - L ls
bri8029 T/F/S/D - XL ss, 2G
DirtyDuane T/F/S/D - L ss, XL ss
traveltoad F/S/D - L ss
thebrosman F/S - XL ss
lady brosman F/S
Tin Bender F/S/D
Endurobob F/S/D
Condormachinist F/S/D - 2G
MrsLuv2race F/S/D (90)
kkug F/S/D
spafxr T/F
Baja Ho S/D
terradiva S/D
Scott - Semper Fi
'04 BMW R1150GSA, '05.5 KTM 950 Adventure

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