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I'm going to install Bark Busters with the kaoko in the next few weeks.
It's a real bummer that the barends are so wimpy.
I was wondering if anyone thinks it's a good idea to duct tape some wheel weights to the back of the bark buster deflector.

If you use flat wheel weights and cover them over with black duct tape, it shouldn't look that bad, assuming you have black plastic deflectors. Plus it will be on back of the plastic bark buster deflector, so who cares?

Would this work on reducing the buzziness introduced by the lighter bar ends? The weights wouldn't be directly attached to the handlebar, but I don't think that's an issue.

What is the difference in weight between the oem bar ends and the kaoko/bark buster ones?
The wheel weights above are 1/2 oz (14.17 grams), so if the difference is huge and you need 100 wheel weights, this idea wouldn't work. There isn't enough room to stick them on.

This setup should withstand the elements just fine, I think. The duct tape should hold those suckers on.

I've seen examples where people do a tap and die for the oem bar end. That won't work for the right-side bar end, where the kaoko is.

Good idea? Should I just STFU and GTFO?
I think this might work. I can't do any fancy custom fab stuff or crazy drilling. Sad, but true. That link to harbor freight should have been a clue. Zing!

BTW, I don't think the f800gs is buzzy at all. It's much less buzzy than my yamaha fz6. It would just be nice to restore the original bar end weight.
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