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Britannia Composites Mirage 2 fairing review

This is just going to be a short review for now as I've only had the fairing for less than a week and I don't have many highway miles on it yet.

I'm 5'9" with a 32" inseam. Helmet Arai XD. Speeds only up to about 120kph (75mph) for short periods due to the new take away your bike on the spot "law" in BC for more than 40 over.

Easy install. Very buzzing/rattling/shaking. Build quality is top notch all around.

The first time out I ran the screen at the mid point (3.5").

It's lower in the pics for off road...very easy to adjust.

It's "rally" (tall) so if you like to "stare at your front wheel" (you shouldn't of course) when seated then you may not like it. The set up for the gauges is great. I don't have anything in the upper panel as I run a 60CX right now.

Excellent airflow over the helmet. None of the dreaded Arai visor buzz. Keeps all the (cold) wind off your chest. Just a little bit of wind at the sides of the helmet...not really buffeting and not too obtrusive at all.
You can keep the visor open a bit at high speeds no problem.

I now have the screen set at 5" up and it's even a little better...even slightly cleaner wind management.

Very happy with it!!

Oh it looks REALLY good! It looks very integrated and like it should be there. Completes the front end.

more to report soon...ask away if you have any q's.


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