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Originally Posted by mookymoo View Post
SafariBerg, Troy
How have these rear tanks held up in so far as maintaining their shape in the heat/sun? Any issues with them changing shape/growing/becoming difficult to mount again?

It seems to be a quite frequent complaint with various sorts of Aqualine tanks. Just wondering what the experience has been so far with these rear tanks.
The complaints (I've heard/read about) with regard to Safari/Aqualine tanks changing form/expanding/difficulties with re-mounting etc. have (in my experience) been mostly to do with those two VERY large capacity (44 liter and 30 liter versions) front tanks they produced for the 950/990 Adv and 950 SE respectively...

Not an excuse; but more an explanation for this; could be the extremely large volume of the tanks (in relation to motorcycle application) coupled with the fact that they are mounted above the engine, and many been used in very hot desert climate (air temps of 35 degree C +). The combination of wieght, heat and fuel expansion could account perhaps for the excessive "stretch factor". But to be honest... I've seen similar happen with other brand large capacity aftermarket plastic tanks in desert temperatures as well... as far back as the 80's and 90's.

I believe that some changes to the early production runs was made to address some of theses issues... what the result (improvement) has been I am not sure.

With regards to the REAR tanks you enquire; Safari/Aqualine make rear subframe tanks for the EXC, WRF, CRF and now FE Husa bikes, similar in principle to those pictured above. All are around the 8 to 10 liter mark there abouts and mount away from any direct heat source (an aluminium/carbon slip on sliencer generates nowhere near the heat of an engine). As such there is nowhere near the weight/heat factors placed on these tanks and as yet; I am not aware of any major expansion/fitment problems... but SafariBerg (who has run them on his team bikes at the 2009 and 2010 Australian Safari's) will be able to give some more detail.
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