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Originally Posted by bobzilla View Post
if you get a 01-04 you will be "tinkering" a lot

did you go to the doc at uhe yet"
some had a problem with the torque limiter ( i did) and you can use a transmission shim to get the proper release value. if you starter is cranking and then seems to free wheel that is the symptom
you can also adjust the spring on the cam decomp

I have one of those lithsomething batteries in my 550 and it has been far

once you get the few things sorted youll grin

ditch the stock breather. plug the forward hole and add a hose to the rear and run it up to the top of the rad and then back down the right side

i ditched the stock thermostat bs and ran sil hoses. cooled it some what

trail trick for the boingers

Oh yea, the starter would free wheel at times and do weird things. I'll read the DOC tonight and get that thing shimmed correctly... good call Bob, thanks!

Got any pics of your breather set up Bob? I'm a visual guy
Just say'IN
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