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Originally Posted by Gallowbraid View Post
Love this thread, here's my noob question:

Have an 05 KLR, wasn't run for the last year, I've cleaned the carb, changed the oil, drained and put fresh gas in it...runs great now. Of course now winter has hit and I need to put her up for the season. So:

Is it better to prep it for the winter and simply store her, or is it better to occasionally start her up and let her run for a bit through the winter?

If it is better to store the bike, what are the things I need t do to prep it?
the simple solution for N GA

buy some warm gear and ride it there are plenty of days that it is not that cold.

With the KLR if you are really concerned turn the gas off and run it till it dies, look in thumpers or the garage there are countless theory's on how to store a bike.

GO test ride a F8, IMHO it's everything the KLR wants to be
the best thing to buy for your bike is gas.....Neduro
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