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only gotta wait 6 yrs. or so.

Originally Posted by Reconstructed View Post
Well, I have been fortunate to have seen about half the world, and 47 of the lower 48, simply because of jobs that required lots of travel. Now, I am fortunate to have three beautiful, happy, and healthy children and a wife that (although I sometimes want to scream) I am happy to be with.

So yeah, I'm kinda screwed as far as lots of solo travel time is concerned, but to hear the joyful laughter of your own children is well worth the trade-off.

So, If I'm really lucky, in another 17 years I'll be able to make up for lost time. In the mean time...
Take trips like that with your kids, they'll love it, my girls and my nephew, though grown still talk about ridin' with daddy! Those are the best times, when you get the one on one time with them. They may get a little bent when they don't get to go that time, that's not what they'll remember though, so enjoy them while they're young, time really does fly!
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