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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
Well, I guess we have different definitions of "hot rodding". That's fine but I do think tweaking the injection and calling it "hot rodding" is a bit misleading. The results of fine tuning the mapping are going to be a smoother engine and maybe a bit more power via a better mixture. IMO, hot rodding is about increasing the engine's volumetric efficiency through weight reduction, friction reduction, porting, cam timing, compression, combustion chamber shape and the like. Unless the injection mapping is WAY off (which I don't think it is), the increases in performance through changing the mapping won't be that great. Having said that, I CAN appreciate subtle improvements! They all add up! Personally, I don't see how some deal with how their bikes surge. Completely eleminating that is more than a subtle difference but I still don't call that "hot rodding".
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