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I installed the Mirage 2 fairing last week and have put about 100 miles on it so far. The installation was a breeze. I just laid out the included hardware and briefly scanned the instructions. One lesson learned was that I forgot the washers under the long bolts that secure it to the frame and quickly realized I would be pulling the bolt through the fiberglass without them. I wasn't sure about the style but it has really grown on me after a few rides. I've ridden it in three positions, all the way down, up and just about the middle. I am 6'2" with a 32" inseam. It's very similar to the stock screen when set at its lowest setting, for me anyway. My first ride with the screen all the way up was on a very windy day. The most noticeable effect on handling was whenever I encountered quartering head or tailwinds. Nothing dramatic or dangerous, just noticeable. That is to be expected considering the additional surface area being hit by the wind.

I did encounter buffeting on the top of my helmet above 50 mph with the screen fully up. My rear shock was set on maximum stiffness as I usually ride with a passenger and loaded panniers. Once I loosened the rear shock, the rear end sat lower and the buffeting on top of my helmet was gone. The screen is very secure and adjusting it takes mere seconds. I was able to get some time above 100 mph with the screen fully up and it was secure, no problems at all. Next step for me is to remove HID ballast and reinstall it in the space between the dash and the fairing as there is a lot of available real estate in there. I have no plans to install my Zumo on the dash as I prefer it to be as close to my left hand as possible.

I've checked out the Desierto 3 on another 800GS however I did not have a chance to ride it. The owner was about 6" shorter than and I and he praised it. The quality was top shelf but at $840 shipped I just couldn't do it, solely out of principle. I am very thankful another manufacturer stepped up and that offered an adjustable fairing for a couple hundred bucks less.
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