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Originally Posted by cbOwl View Post
Javajude - curious what are those screens that you are comparing to?

Hey Ian, for us short guys - what is the height of the top of the composite? I'd like to see how, (if at all) that affects my vision.
Not sure of the actual virtical height, but the fairing comes up 12" from the front of the lights. It probably represents about a 10" vertical height from the top of the headlights. So, if you cut out a piece of cardboard 10" high and placed it on top of the lights (whilst sort of sat on the bike - probably easier with a helper !), then you would have some idea. I am 5'8" and don't have any issues with vision. However, there is no doubt that you are much more aware of something in front of you and in a way, it tends to make you feel more 'in it' than 'on it'.

If you were tempted, but are concerned about the height, you could order one that is shorter (up to 2" shorter), as that is very easy for us to do, but you would lose the GPS mount on the dash.

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