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Originally Posted by The Griz View Post
Hey Ian. I'm 5' 11" with a 30 1/2" inseam. I have a long torso, normal sized head. .... With the long torso I have, I typically need a taller windscreen. Will this fairing (truthfully) work ok for someone like me?

The look has grown on me. I like the cost compared to the way overpriced TT fairing. I like the GPS perch. I like the adjustable windscreen part. But before I buy, I'd want to know for sure that it will accommodate my tall upper body height (torso length).

Thanks Ian.
Well, so far, the tallest guy to have riden with one (that I know of) is 6'2" and he choses the screen to be 1" lower than full up, so on that basis you should be fine. As you have probably read by now, the screen design has a 'scoop' at the bottom which collects more air and rams it up behind the screen. This increases the effective height of the screen by a further 3", in other words you have another 3" of 'invisible screen' above the top of the screen.

Having said all that, there is no doubt that different people 'feel' wind disturbance differently. We set out to produce the best Fairing/screen there is ( at any price) for all sized guys and I'm now confident that we achieved it.

What I can say, is that if you got one and were not really happy with it, then you can return it (undamaged) for a full refund. The only monetary risk you would be taking is the return shipping. How's that sound ?

Cheers Ian
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