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Midnight madness in Paris

When we finally dragged Miss Bling away from the souvenir stalls, it was getting quite late. Thoughts now turned to finding a place to stay the night. The plan was to get a few miles from the city center so we could find a reasonably priced hotel.

I did manage a small surprise on the way out of the city. We hit the massively confusing roundabout at the Arc du Triomphe right around midnight and I couldn't believe how busy it was.

The GPS couldn't keep up with all the exits (my story and I'm sticking to it) so we ended up taking the wrong exit twice, consequently facing the mayhem three times. Those were a few very high stress minutes, trying to navigate the traffic myself and make sure everyone was still there behind me.

Finally managing to get the correct road, we were soon en-route toward the coast once more.

It was at about this point our plans began to go to pieces...
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