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I have only a 4-5 minute commute 3 days a week, telecommuting from home the other 2.

I got in bad habit of only wearing jacket, gloves, and helmet and didn't bother wearing my armored pants or boots.

After having a fairly low-speed (40 MPH) low-side while riding the twisties back in July and seeing how much damage my pants and elbow armor took, leaving me with only a thumb-sized patch of road rash on my knee I come to the conclusion that it just wasn't worth it to risk riding in jeans or casual work clothes. At the same time it is too short a commute to make hassling with the extra gear worthwhile.

I take the cage to work now. ATGATT for me all the time now, or the bike stays at home. If I had a longer commute I would opt for a one-piece over my work clothes that I could take off when I get to the office and suit back up before heading home, but just too much of a hassle for 5 minutes.
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