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"Offroad only" MSO

If that's what the MSO says here in NJ, than that blows. I want the FE390 so badly, but if it can't be taged legally than it's a useless deal unless one has access to hundreds of acres of private land. And I am not saying got to get it taged to slab it. And who the hell would want to slab this bike anyway? I am talking about taging it to be able to ride organized DS events with local clubs which all require legal registration.
This sucks. We have to drive 1/2 day (one way) just to find trails that don't require tags, and even they are getting shut down one after another. Why even bother selling them in NJ?

Sorry for the rant but wanted to vent to a few that may understand and agree with my point.

On another note, a clever idea is to buy a FE570 frame and throw in a 390/450 motor. If the frame is the same size and weight, than that would be the hot ticket.
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