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In business casual or uniform, with full face helmet, and armored mesh jacket, with liner when it's cold, and Danner boots. 30 minutes each way. My duty gear stays at work except for my heater-gat-piece.

Uniform shirt under the jacket, if it's cool, or folded in the pannier, when it's hot. I can be outside for a good bit of my workday, and getting a bit sweaty, time to time, is part of the deal. My hair is short, and a quick brush takes care of helmet hair. So I fit in with my co-workers, unless I have to dress up for some reason, in which case I carry my nice clothes and change at work.

I have 2 pairs of armored pants...but generally do not wear them due to the inconvenience.

Someone will probably chime in with a warning about not wearing armored everything, $350 motorcycle specific boots, etc., so permit me to spare them the time and effort by calling everyone's attention to that.

I really look forward to the ride to work, and to the ride home.
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