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Originally Posted by newmanr19
asked this over at KTMTalk but didn't get a lot of responses. I am hoping to beef up the springs on my 02 Adventure both front and back. Specifically I am hoping to hear from others about what rate springs they went with.

I am around 280 in street clothes and will be loading the bike down (even further ;) for a 1500 mile ride here in about a month and a half so trying to keep from killing the ol girl.

I emaild Race Tech; I have used their products before on other bikes but they said the don't carry what I need for the LC4. I'm also talking to a local suspension shop but he has not done a lot of 640's either so he suggested I try and get some feedback from others that have done this. C'mon, I know all of ya can't be running stock springs and I know I aint the only fatty (not naming names) riding a katoom 640
Try talking to George at ESP in La Crescenta, CA. (818)951-9144. He did my 640 ADV and I am very pleased. He ordered a special spring (rear) and had to machine a spacer for it to work. I am 225lbs, but I am also a former desert racer and ride my 640 like it's a 525. He did wonders for it!
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