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"Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!"

There were a few seconds of "where the heck am I?" panic when someone hammered on the door in the morning. It was definitely time to get up and about, despite having insufficient sleep. This was our last day on the Continent and it would be a shame to waste half of it sleeping.

It was already warm and bright with a blue sky while we quickly packed and headed into town for a leisurely brunch.

We found a nice spot with good coffee and the chance to watch the world go by

It was fascinating to see the number of people who were out-and-about for just a single loaf of bread. The cultural observation was made that many Americans would not want to eat bread that had been carried about without being wrapped up. Not a French public health issue that I am aware of

Pretty soon, we were moving again - headed for the Normandy coast, where we had a whole afternoon to kill before the ferry left for Portsmouth.
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