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Originally Posted by Garthe View Post
Thank you for the info. Price is always important, but, what is the next step up in quality and size? Or does that make the battery size to large for under the seat. Also, how does it compare to this battery:

Cheers, Jim

The batteries I sell are considered "starting" batteries which have high CCA or cold cranking amps rather than a more deep cycle battery like the trailtech ones your looking at. Either works fine for running lights and accessories as long as the bikes charging system is running. If you don't need the starting power and want to save the $ the NiMH work o.k. I can't tell you how long the trailtech batts last, but the SYCL battery would be good for 5+ years. If you want to leave your GPS on for a long time with out the bike running the NiMH would be better.

The next size up would be the 4.6 AH which is at the beginning of this post.

size is the same but 2" instead of 1" thick.

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