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Originally Posted by TallRob View Post
I have the SoCal map and its just stuffed with info. Most of which I already knew but still cool anways. But, because there is so much stuff, its very hard to read and impossible to use in your map case if your riding. You basically have to lay it out on a scanner/printer and reprint the sections you want and magnify the route. Its unreadable with riding with my reasonably good 42yr old eye sight..
But, other than that. Its cool.
guess you could also see it that your lucky to live a place with THAT many great roads. it's really a must do area for any street rider. nor cal will have just as many great roads and probably even more.

i do agree there is ALOT of detail we needed to pack in there, more than any other map to date. it took alot longer to produce this map. we did the best we could breaking the state up into 2 pieces. we felt 2 was ideal for what we planned to achieve.

don't forget the best of the best roads (G1) have additional larger blow-up detail boxes so we have maxed out details. glad you enjoy what we've done and i hope you find some new roads that need exploring.

thanks, bill
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