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Thanks Shoganai for your great ideas!

Looks really exiting. When I ask chaps to help me mechanically, they usually just roll their eyes at me and end up taking over.

Really looking forward to getting into this forum.

I'm in Cambridgeshire, UK
Have full workshop with hydraulic bike bench, lathe, etc, bit tight for space
and my workplace is a half empty industrial unit in Norfolk, so somewhere dry.

I'm not great with the old mechanics myself, that is my dad's territory. He does take the time to explain things and show how to do bits and bobs, but he is only in the UK half the time, so I've learnt the old adage that if you want something doing well then do it yourself. He has also made some crazy booboos, he once changed my rear brake pads as I was away and needed the bike good to go when I came back, went out for a ride and found he had forgotten to put two bolts back on the calipers.

I do basic servicing myself with the aid of a manual, and fit bits and bobs. If I want a classic bike, and when get my new adv bike in the next 3 months, I'm going to have to learn to do ad hoc repairs on the move.

Some have mentioned local courses at schools/colleges for mechanic courses, don't seem to be many round here.

Anyways, I don't have any photos of me doing anything to bikes, but i'll ask, or be nerdy enough to set my tripod up.
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