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Originally Posted by crankshaft View Post
The rad has holes in it for a fan. Seems to run cooler than my 525 ever did. Just like the RFS bikes in the oil dept. I just upgraded to one of those new style lightweight lithium batteries.
thank yeeew...

How about stator rewinds? I emailed Rickystator to see if they were the same unit as KTM RFS, or if they rewound 'berg stators.
I saw the Sparks rewind thread in Husaberg Unofficial as an option as well, and floating the ground.

IF I pick up this bike, I don't plan on running tons of heated gear, etc. Most likely an 8" racelight in reasonable wattage, and a GPS (no current draw at all practically speaking)

I just want to keep the battery charged and be able to run a fan and a decent light.
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