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Originally Posted by Blakebird View Post
thank yeeew...

How about stator rewinds? I emailed Rickystator to see if they were the same unit as KTM RFS, or if they rewound 'berg stators.
I saw the Sparks rewind thread in Husaberg Unofficial as an option as well, and floating the ground.

IF I pick up this bike, I don't plan on running tons of heated gear, etc. Most likely an 8" racelight in reasonable wattage, and a GPS (no current draw at all practically speaking)

I just want to keep the battery charged and be able to run a fan and a decent light.
I think Hair used a Trail Tech stator, but my memory's bad. My '05 is a Euro street legal model and has the headlight a tail light running of the AC lead, and the battery (DC) runs the horn and turn signals, works pretty good. 60watt headlight is max, with an LED tail light, at least on mine. The Trail Tech race light with a 55w bulb does pretty good.

My 650 boiled over 2 times early on, but the '06 and up had better air flow from a redesigned tank. I bought a fan kit, but overheating hasn't been a problem with the Clark tank. Also, '06 and up have a bung in the radiator for the fan's temp sending unit. If I ever install the fan, I'll put a switch on it as I think runs even after you shut off the engine.
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