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Hi all,
thanks for the nice comments. No update yet as I'm still stuck in Yemen, 5 days into waiting for a boat to Djibouti, and counting... Everyday is "tomorrow" if God's willing. And the only internet cafe here sucks, Windows 2000 in Arabic on 256 colors graphics. Beer? you must be kidding.. Qat is you friend.. ;-)

I can answer about the pics: by far the most important factor is to find the right subject and have good light. Then the material can matter.

In fact, some of the pics have been taken with a point-and-shoot, a Sony TX-5, which is
1. Flat and easily pocketable
2. Fast to autofocus and to shoot, unlike most pocket cameras
3. Waterproof (and hence even more importantly here sandproof!)
4. Oh yeah, and the image quality is quite acceptable

I carry it in my jacket while riding, I can stop, take it out and shoot in a matter of seconds. I've taken great pics with a point-and-shoot that I wouldn't have taken at all with an SLR, because by the time I had it ready the subject (or the light) would have been gone.

My other camera is, indeed, a 5DmkII. Truly awesome camera, I love it, it's got everything I want, or will ever want. But it's big and heavy, and it's stored in my pannier. So when a photo opportunity shows up on the road, I hesitate to stop, get out of the bike, open the panier, etc.. But when I've checked in a hotel, or pulled out for a while, I enjoy shooting with it a lot. Yet I don't take it everywhere, it's too heavy to lug around. The small Sony on the other hand is always in my pocket, I hardly notice it.

I carry a 24-105/f4, a 70-200/f4 IS and a 50/f1.4, plus a 1.4x. I used to have a fisheye and a 17mm but I sent them back home, too much stuff, not used often enough.

Can you find out for sure which camera took which picture ? the 5D has more "mega-pixels", but the pics on the web are down-res'd to 1600 pixels, so you wouldn't know. One give away is the low-light capability, the canon is quite amazing at it.. and the ability to control depth of field of course.

Both these cameras can do video. The 5d of course has amazing quality, but needs quite a bit of time to set up. And there are not that many places on the road where you can upload 1080p video... but it allows to shoot with very shallow DOF, unlike the TX5. The point and shoot is very easy to shoot video with, and at 720p quite detailed.

Finally (! yeah, I know) I have a bullet cam but it hasn't seen much action. I've put it discretely on the side of the tank bag when I've been pulled over by the tribe in Yemen, but it didn't turn out very interesting. And the quality is mediocre.

Finally, the pics need editing, so I carry a MacBook for this purpose, using Lightroom. Fantastic software, highly recommended.

All this gear still works perfectly, no failure yet, no loss, no theft. I'll keep you posted on that also.

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