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A Boy and his Country

He came to look at the bikes, with his dad. It was the lunch stop leaving Reynosa. "He wants to sit on your bike, if that's ok?" said his padre. Hop on up there, little man. He's holding one of the tootsie pops everybody is handing out these days. I had three bags with me. Maybe in the past, after sharing smiles and greetings and well wishes, our bodies and our minds would move on to the task at hand: Knock off lunch and get moving again. But I kind of froze a little bit, watching this kid. I was wondering. Wondering what his Mexico would be like in 5 years, 10 years. What would become of everything that's happening to Mexico. Then I realized that he is what's happening to Mexico. He's a normal kid, and there's millions more like him. Then I looked around. Lots of cars with happy families, trucks going here and there loaded with cargo, people in the restaurant eating their pozole. The kid never knew what was cranking through my mind. He thought I was doing him a favor.

Right here, right at this restaurant, four years earlier, I stopped for lunch. I saw a bunch of kids playing outside, skirting between the nearby Pemex and the restaurant. They came over to look at the bikes when we parked, but didn't say anything. I didn't think about them when I went inside. After lunch, they were still there. As we were gearing up to leave, the kids were close by and leaning over the bikes, asking questions and poking around. I suddenly felt a grab on my sleave. It was one of the smaller kids, holding a U.S. 20 dollar bill.

"You dropped this", he said. I was floored.

Then, as on this trip, this simple lunch stop has been magic for me.
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