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I've got an '05 12GS, and while I like the engine much more than the 1150 models I had (smoother and more powerful), there's a bunch I don't like about it.

When I give it gas to accelerate (normally from lower RPM's - say 3500), it sure seems to take a lot to really get going.

Yet when it's about 5000 rpm, now matter which gear it's in, the bike zooms.

I would like this dead spot in the middle of the RPM band to go away.

But, I'd also like to keep my good fuel economy.
These take a good-sized bite out of that dead spot. And of the improvements available from the first two products, 35% is provided by air temp and 65% by oil temp.

There's a difference in fuel use only during Tip-in and Leading Throttle. Steady State will have the same mileage.

Many people's mileage goes down when they get a new pipe, acourse that's attributable to racing around with their new toy. I'd imagine you'd have some of that with these products, especially since the go-pedal feels so much nicer.

p.s.: To flatten the power output across the powerband requires a new program in the ECU. And it's also possible to do it with high end external add-ons or ECUs, but not with something like a Power Commander.


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