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Originally Posted by eakins View Post
my bike had dynojet mods when i bought it. it surged and the power was very abrupt on/off. hated it.

-stock needle & raised up w/ 2 washers for more gas on the main
-stock jetting
-1 additional hole drilled in the slide for better throttle response
-spring not modified
-jesse's fuel screw now set at 1 turn out. had it out more for better idle but off-idle bog. now off idle bog at 1.
-carb fully cleaned w/ pine sol soak. this made a huge difference in how much better it ran even though it looked clean. a ton of dirt came out. safe on rubber. search for hondo's post.
-ngk iridium plugs for the best possible fuel burn.
-stock airbox w/ only snorkle gone
-twin-air air filter
-upgraded 2ndary air filter form procycle

bike runs well from sea level to over 13k that i've had it to. pulls strong and linear. i use a 14 tooth cs and i can off-road in 1st and pull 80 all day in top. 50 or so mpg
What size washers did you use?
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