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Although I try to be ATGATT as often as I can, it is just not practical for me to do so. I commute from Job #1 to Job #2 which is about a 13-mile ride one-way (Job #1 is across the street from my house). Job #2 is an office job working in customer service for a corrugated sheet company. There is no real dress code, but I wear what I wear while I'm teaching in addition to gloves, jacket, helmet, and boots.

The route I usually take is a county road that I'm lucky if I ever see another car for the first 11 miles. I understand there are other things that could happen, but for me eliminating other drivers from my path helps balance out the fact that I don't wear riding pants on my commute. I know others are strictly ATGATT, but I'm fine with that risk if it allows me to still have time to ride.
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