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Originally Posted by Lobby View Post
I understand what you're saying. In essence you'll be selling some device that hooks up to the ECU that tricks it into performing better. Sorta like a Power Commander.

You're not selling an ECU reprogramming service (software only).

That's it, no software. We're selling both passive and microprocessor-controlled hardware.

These devices hook up to the existing components on the bike, and in that regard it's similar to a Power Commander. But the similarities pretty much end there.

The PC sort of 'takes over' certain operations of the ECU. And it's got a fancy user interface, and programmable maps and such. There's a lot of fussing to get it right, enjoyable fussing I might add. And of course, when you're all done, bragging rights.

I understand that appeals to a lot of people, heck it appeals to me too! But would you believe me if said it wasn't strictly necessary?

The ECU already has the 'right maps' as it were. And what our products do is access them.


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